02 Apr

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines use propeller blades to catch the kinetic energy from the air and convert it to electricity. Various options are available for homes, from small scale devices to more complex systems. In some cases a turbine can generate up to half the energy demand for a property.
The main factors which need to be taken into account are:

  • where the turbine is to be situated (attached to the property or separate from the property)
  • the annual mean wind speed of the site

Attaching the turbine to the property will negate the need for a tower, foundations and cabling. However structural modifications to the property could be needed.

Open sites in rural areas are obviously more suitable, but options are also available for dwellings in urban areas.

A reputable vendor should perform a wind speed survey for a prolonged period of time to assess the viability of the turbine. This will then infrom the desicion to proceed or not.